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Thank you for submitting the General Application Form. You are conditionally eligible for the following programs. You can apply for one or more of those listed below.

Wild Craft Foods Program

This ten-week self-employment experience for indigenous youth aged 15 to 29 endeavours to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs. More than a program, Wild Craft Foods is a community-minded incubator that walks alongside young people from concept through launch and focuses on traditional wildcrafting, art, food, and agriculture business projects and skill development.

Express to Success Agri-Food & Beverage Processing Employment Program

The Express to Success program is designed for youth between the ages of 15 and 30 to develop the skills, training and work connections for jobs in the $100 Billion a year Agri-Food & Beverage industries.

Food Hub Work Experience Program

When you take our Express to Success Food Hub Edition you are supporting your local farmers, and helping promote production growth while making local food more accessible to large markets all while stimulating economic growth.

(Please note: you must be 15-30 yrs old to apply for this program)