Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs Program – EYE

(Serving Vancouver Island and Central Coast Squamish to Powel River communities) This is a virtual program.

This project has been completed and is no longer accepting applications.

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Program Overview: COVID Protocol

  • This program will be delivered virtually for the entire 7-weeks

  • Occupational First Aid will be delivered in person with covid safety protocols in place with the organization providing the training

Earn a MCSC Certificate Of Completion

When you complete your 6-week virtual course, you will earn a certificate, which can help you boost your LinkedIn & Resume, and help you stand out.

Some other certificates you receive are: Occupational First Aid Level 1, WHMIS & much more.

What Will You Learn?


Self-employment services and supports


Receive up to $5,000 in living expenses and start-up costs


Self-employment counselling and coaching


Daily workshops in diverse topics related to starting a small business


Occupational First Aid Level 1, WHMIS, Intro to Food Processing Skills …and more!

Meet the Professionals!


Senior Facilitator/Coach

Aaron has been working in career development as a facilitator for almost 20 years. In that time his primary focus has been working in employment programs with vulnerable communities and young adults. He believes in setting the stage for people to experience epiphanies that will impact them positively and stick with them long term.

As the facilitator for the Empowering Youth Entrepreneur Program, Aaron is passionate about helping Generation Z explore the entrepreneurial skills that will allow them to develop and pursue opportunities outside of traditional work paradigms. He also believes that future-proofing your career is more than having the skills demanded by employers, it’s about not having to rely on other people to provide opportunity.


Program Coordinator

Jessica became a part of Mission Community Skills Centre in 2021 and currently resides on Vancouver Island. She considers herself a life-long student and is completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Victoria with a focus on Psychology and Law.

Jessica has interdisciplinary experience volunteering with children here in British Columbia and across seas in Nepal and Cambodia, as well as with youth and adults struggling with mental health and addictions. She is passionate about advocating for marginalized and underserved populations by finding ways to overcome their barriers and achieve success.

Today automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology in general is significantly altering the world of work, especially for youth. Having the entrepreneurial skills to recognize opportunity and capitalize on it, and the confidence to take on the risk, are the key’s to their freedom. It’s what paves the way to have the live they want and deserve.

– Aaron, Facilitator

What's in it for you?

The Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs program (EYE) believes that removing barriers to self-employment for young adults gives them the freedom to create their own opportunities to experience the life they want to live. We think the solution to a lack of opportunity is empowerment through entrepreneurial skills and experience.

The Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs program is designed for youth to develop the skills, training and work connections to become self-employed in low overhead businesses like:

  • Creating and selling custom t-shirts
  • Starting a local rubbish removal service
  • A zero-waste vegan street food company
  • A professional ultimate Frisbee team-building service
  • Starting a 100% plant-based home bakery
  • Writing content for websites
  • Opening a mobile hairstyling service
  • Coordinating social media and marketing for small businesses… and so much more!

Who is Eligible for this Training?

Between the Ages of 15 & 29

Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person legally entitled to work in Canada

Unemployed/ Precariously Employed

Committed to 7 weeks of training

Keri GarlandOwner of Garland Garments

"I began the journey of self-employment because I was looking to create a community in which all bodies could embrace their true selves with the clothing they wear. My friend had mentioned how she was in the EYE program and I thought it would be a great way to build my entrepreneur skills – and this program has done that and more. I am now in the process of registering my small business, making a website, and learning how to effectively market my products. I am creating a made-to-measure line, and some beautiful fabric accessories which I am excited to share with the world. It is an exciting time to be in the fashion industry because a lot of people are searching for locally made apparel, and I am excited to be a part of that change."

Tyra HendersonOwner of Ty’s Eyes

"I chose self employment because I have two small children so my schedule is very based around putting them first so being self employed I am able to make money for us and also be present in both of the kids lives. I have seen so much personal growth from this program such as talking in front of people talking about myself and also learning all the basics you need to get your business going. I hope in the future my business will expand and continue to flourish and keep ahead with the latest trends and I just hope to make all customers feel beautiful confident and happy about themselves."

Emma G

""This program was an amazing opportunity to gain skills which have empowered me to move into a different career in the food industry. I made connections with wonderful people and felt very well supported by the staff that worked with me. I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to have an immersive on the job learning experience."

Christie Graf

""This program was an amazing opportunity to gain skills which have empowered me to move into a different career in the food industry. I made connections with wonderful people and felt very well supported by the staff that worked with me. I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to have an immersive on the job learning experience."

Nick Larsen

""The Empowering Youth Entrepreneur program has been an incredible journey and one that I am so grateful for. Whether you are just starting or have been an entrepreneur for a while, this program has something to offer you. I really enjoyed how immersive this experience was as it allowed me not only to learn new information but to have the opportunity to apply the information that made all the difference. From mindset to the practical actions needed to make a business run smoothly; this program has everything you need to become a confident and successful entrepreneur in today's ever-changing world."


". I am truly grateful to have had this opportunity and it has provided me so much growth and material - knowledge to take forward for the future not just for my own business life but also my personal life which truly transcends into the business, they both go hand in hand. It is difficult to summarize in 3-4 sentences all that I learned or what my favorite parts of the program were as honestly majorly of it was all amazing. I love how the program was laid out and I learned alot about the structure and system of a business and gained more clarity in addition to confidence in starting my own and taking on that independent journey more as an entrepreneur. Creating more of a systems approach for myself which I know will truly benefit me in the long run creating consistency with my own business. Also learning personal values and how they align with business values... the value of mentorship... the value of a business proposition and business plan. Each piece of material shared has its place in the world of entrepreneurship and I look at myself reviewing all the information thoroughly throughout the future and referencing it when I need while also sharing with other like minded individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs. I never had a program like this and the business administration program I took years ago was nothing like this.I feel I would not have gotten as much value or value this program as much if it weren't for the wonderful people behind the scenes but also on the front stage teaching the materials."


"MCSC's EYE course was the catalyst for huge change in my approach to life and learning."

Olivia Stratton

"Being only 18 I was not sure what direction I wanted to go. This course helped me gain an overall impression of “business”. It made me realize there are more options out there and resources to help me along. This EYE Program was super fun, and helped me gain knowledge and confidence."


"The EYE Program is true to their name, Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs. The amount of information and support that is given throughout the program is truly valuable and empowering. Now the process of starting a business isn't so daunting! I look forward to utilizing the knowledge I've gained through this program thanks to Aaron and Jessica. I now have the confidence to start my own business as an artist."


"This program has been incredibly valuable to me to my pursit of being self-employed. I learned more then what i thought i would have learned. And i am so lucky to take a class with such a dynamic cohort and facilitator. And i would not have had asked for a better instructor then Aaron."

Megan R

"Going into the EYE program, I knew that I wanted to create my own business but I didn’t even know where to begin. Over the 7 weeks, I was provided with a phenomenal amount of information that resulted in me becoming confident and valued, something I didn’t feel before starting the course. I can now say that I have a strong business idea that I am eager to share with the world!"

Emma GordonOwner of Coastal Macarons

"The EYE Program gave my business a huge push in the right direction! Thanks to all their help, I had my first pop-up shop, know how to confidently make a business plan, and met some other amazing young entrepreneurs!! They showed me how much I’m capable of!"


"The EYE Program helped me on my journey to be an entrepreneur and gave me a place to learn and grow those skills."

Ashley AllenOwner of Island Snuggles

"I chose self-employment so I can work on my own schedule while being a mother to two toddlers. EYEP gave me the tools to succeed, while also being the push I needed to set things into motion. I am now a proud business owner of Island Snuggles Co. which is a baby and kids clothing line that aims to provide unique, longer-lasting clothing items. I am excited for this new journey, and to see how far I can grow my company."

Hailey UrbanoskiOwner of Hailey Bird Design

"Self-employment was always my end goal in life, something to do when I retired, where I could pick what I wanted to do day by day. But as the months dragged on of being stuck with meaningless part-time jobs and a pandemic stopping me from pursuing my career dreams. The idea of self-employment became more of a reality earlier on in my career. Why can’t I do both? I started my business with just some YouTube business tutorials and family advice, which ultimately lead to nothing. Until I heard from my aunt about the Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs Program – A place where I learned everything from writing a business plan to finding your customer’s needs and figuring out how to fill them. Where I got advice from industry professionals and learned the financial aspects of business ownership. In just seven weeks I have gone from having zero confidence in my business to being excited for its potential. To being ready to create and prepared for any challenges my business may have. Check out my Etsy shop and all my social medias at Hailey Bird Design."

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How to Apply


Application Form

Please answer all of the following questions in the application form, and sign it digitally. Once you have done this you will receive a copy.

Follow-Up Email

We will follow up regarding your application via email within 72 hours, with a Employment Barriers Checklist.

Eligibility Check

Fill out the employment barriers checklist and return via email

Connect Virtually

Once you have completed all of the forms our facilitator will connect with you via email for a virtual interview

Welcome Aboard

If you have been chosen to participate in the program, you will be invited to complete some on-boarding/orientation documents

Build Connections. Develop Skills. Get Paid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs Program?

he Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs program (EYE) believes that removing barriers to self-employment for young adults gives them the freedom to create their own opportunities to experience the life they want to live. We think the solution to a lack of opportunity is empowerment through entrepreneurial skills and experience.

Can participants receive financial support?

Up to $2625.00 in living expenses | Up to $1500.00 in start-up funding | Up to $650 in external self-employment training | and more…

What certificates are included?

Certificates in Occupational First Aid and WHIMS

What workshops are included?

Entrepreneurship Basics | Business Planning | Market Research | Branding | Traditional Marketing | Digital Content Marketing | Human Resources Basics | Financial Planning | Costing | Financing | Indigenous Cultural Awareness | Resiliency Skills | Entrepreneurial Style and Success Assessment | Assessments regarding Values and Personality Style | Certificates in Occupational First Aid and WHIMS

How are you paying me?

Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs Program is funded by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement.

Participants are paid living expenses every two-weeks.

Do I have to have a business idea?

No, but you should have a broad idea of what you would like a business to look like. However; participants are more successful when their businesses ideas are more specific.

Is it Full-Time?

Yes, from 9am-3pm daily Monday to Friday

When can I start?

  • January 10, 2022

Contact Information:



780D 13th Avenue, Campbell River