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Empower Your Career Journey with Comprehensive Training and Work Opportunities!

Are you a young adult between 16 and 29 years old struggling to find your path to a sustainable career? Food Skills BC is here to help! Our mission is to connect you with training and work opportunities in the local food sector, breaking down barriers to employment and setting you up for success. Discover your potential while contributing to the sustainability and growth of the agri-food processing sector.

Workshops are delivered online so you can participate from home and participants get 20 hours of work experience with a local employer. Plus, you get PAID $16.50/hr while in the program!

Earn Valuable Certifications!

Stand out to employers with current industry-recognized certifications that demonstrate your value on your resume, LinkedIn, and in networking and interviews.

Completing the six-week FoodSkills BC program will earn you more than just a Food Skills BC Fundamentals certificate from the program. You’ll also have the opportunity to secure certificates in WHMIS, Market Safe, Food Safe Level 1, Serving It Right, COVID-19 Prevention and Control, SuperHost Foundations of Service Quality, SuperHost Service for All, Dealing with Difficult Customers, Alive After 5 workplace safety, and the Be There Mental Health support certificates.

What Will You Learn?

Comprehensive Training

Gain valuable skills through occupational training, short-duration certificates, competency-based learning, skills for success training, and soft skills development.

Real-World Experience

Get hands-on experience with 20-hour work placements in various food-related businesses, such as local chocolate makers, restaurants, food banks, and more.

Employment Readiness

Receive pre-employment counseling, job search assistance, job placement services, and Indigenous cultural components to help you land your dream job.

Post-Placement Support

Benefit from ongoing employment counseling, mentoring, coaching, and follow-up support until you reach your 3-month outcome milestone.

Meet the Professionals!


Facilitator / Job Developer

Jenna-Mary is the Facilitator/Job Coach for the Wild Craft Foods Program, a program for Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurs. She acquired her Career Development Practitioner Certification from Douglas College and has attended the University of the Fraser Valley working towards her Bachelor Degree in Social Work. She’s also worked in Customer Service for over 10 years, including 5 years in the Beverage Industry, and 5 years in Management. Jenna’s true passion is people, helping, guiding and serving.
Her heritage lies in Newfoundland and she looks forward to getting back to the East Coast one day soon.


Facilitator / Job Developer

Daina moved to Mission in 2014. After moving on from her long-time career with Safeway, Daina completed the Applied Business Technology Program at UFV then joined Mission Community Skills Centre Society in 2020.

Daina is enjoying being a part of MCSCS’s employment programs as a Job Developer / Job Coach. She enjoys working with young adults to help them discover their unique abilities, talents, and interests, with employment being their focus.

“The heart of what I do is to inspire the youth to see their lives, future and themselves in a bigger way so that they want to take the steps and, sometimes, leaps towards where they dream of going. I want them to see that, they can impact their own reality and change their lives. One of my favorite quotes is by Emily Dickinson – Dwell in possibility.”

– Jenna, Facilitator

What's in it for you?

Dive into the thriving food industry and contribute to its growth in British Columbia – a province overflowing with opportunities!

  • Join the action: Lower Mainland generates over 1/3 of BC’s farm gate sales
  • Make an impact: Agriculture accounts for $3.8 billion in economic activity in Abbotsford alone
  • Explore endless opportunities: From food service to catering, find a variety of employers within the local food sector
  • Secure your future: Food service jobs make up 80% of the market, with strong growth opportunities on the horizon
  • Stand out: Low unemployment rates (4.4%-4.6%) mean employers are eager to fill entry-level positions
  • Boost the local economy: Help small businesses thrive by filling the high demand for talent in the food industry

Jumpstart your career in the booming food sector and become a part of the province’s thriving economic story!

Who is Eligible for this Training?

Between the Ages of
16 & 29

Committed to 6-Weeks of Training

Unemployed or
Precariously Employed

A resident of British Columbia

Legally Entitled to Work in Canada

EI Recipients ARE eligible to participate

I learned; to make my resume more attractive, to express myself better to help others, how to better prepare for interviews, network better, and where to find opportunities with the resources the program shared with us. Over all I had a wonderful time, learned a great deal of things, weather it be technical or just life lessons from Aaron or the other members of the group, and I am truly grateful of the time in Express to Success.

Rozelle Lucenio

"I have greatly improved my abilities to do interviews and to skills to communicate with potential employers."


"Through the Express to Success program I was able to gain a better understanding of myself and my passions. It became clearer to me the career path I want to take and I feel well equipped to take the next steps to pursuing that path and finding my place in the world. I would recommend the Express tp Success program to anyone who is unsure of what they want to do with their life. Learning about myself has made me more confident in what I can bring to the world."

Amy Verwoerd

"Thanks you express to success! Thanks to you I'm going to be a real contributing member of society, helping people, saving lives and property, I feel like a real man after this program, going to make a difference. I cannot say enough good things about express to success, the best thing that could have happened to me when I was at rock bottom after losing my solid job."

Ian MacPherson

"Being part of this program made me feel more confidence to look for a job and to my personal life. Jason and Leslie were super nice, friendly, and they help you and care about your wellness all the time. The program provided the opportunity to get certificates that jobs may ask for. I am very grateful for having finished the program and I leave with good times, friends and many skills developed."

Georgina Nieto

"I had a great experience on how to build Resume and cover letter and also how to stay safe while in a job and on how to budget my money and to renew my first aid certificate."


"My personal experience at Express to Success was full of positive gains. Prior to ETS, I was kind of lost on the job search and skill development process, but this experience really helped me both retouch up on rusty knowledge as well as gain new ones as well. I was a bit reluctant to participate at first to my previous bad experiences with online classes, but I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable the experience has been and everyone was so wonderful. I really appreciated everything throughout the 6-weeks and would recommend others to give it a try as well."


"The program is really good, especially when it comes to the certificates and the instructors. There is also a lot of good and valuable information that is offered through out this program."


"I’ve increased my self-awareness in more than one way, learning how to use specific
tools to job search. Setting goals based on my priorities, the assessments gave me more
direction in my career path."


"I have understood that there are many ways to job search, personally for me it is
reaching out to connections in my network, indeed and LinkedIn. I have learned to overcome some of my barriers by having a better mindset to approaching job search."


"I’ve strengthened my interview skills which has always been a challenge for me and helped me write down interview answers so I’m more prepared when I have a interview. Also improved my resume/ cover letter building skills so I’m not so nervous writing a cover letter because I now know what to write for it."


"Express to success is a fun six week course helping you strengthen your resume and boost your ability to find, apply, and interview for a position you want. The program has helped me discover more about my interests and values, as well as increased my awareness of reasons why past jobs may not have worked so well. Jason, the facilitator of this program, was more of a friend than a teacher or boss. He is very passionate about helping people reach their goals and will go to lengths beyond what I had expected. Jason made these past six weeks go by so quickly that it's actually sad to have to say goodbye to the group. However, I know he's there to help if I ever need most anything to help me create my path."

Sean V

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You'll receive an email to schedule a virtual intake interview with you.

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We'll meet with you virtually to discuss the program and gather eligibility information.

Eligibility Check

Staff will review your application and intake meeting to determine your eligibility.

Welcome Aboard

Eligible applicants will be invited to participate in the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Food Skills BC?

Food Skills BC is a project aimed at helping young adults facing barriers to employment in the post-pandemic landscape. The project provides skills training to improve their employability and confidence, with a focus on connecting them to entry-level positions in the agri-food processing sector, such as warehousing, restaurant and food servers, retail, kitchen helpers, bakers, and production line workers.

Food Skills BC is a six-week training program that pays you $16.50 per hour (for 5 hours a day, Monday to Friday) and workshops include: Industry recognized certifications, Soft Skills for Success, Employment Readiness, Job Coaching, Job Search, Self-Awareness, Career Exploration, and Personal Assessments.

The workshops and certifications are completed virtually using the Zoom platform and online learning platforms. The practicum (20-hour work experience) will be with a local employer in the Food and Agriculture industry. One-to-one coaching is either in person (for those in the Fraser Valley) or virtual. Participants will need access to the internet and a laptop or tablet that can provide access to zoom.

Does the program really pay me to participate?

Yes! This program is funded by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement. and pays you $16.50 per hour for 5 hours per day (Monday – Friday) based on your attendance. As well, all of the certificates you earn in the program are paid for!

What certificates are included?

Participants will be offered the opportunity to complete the following certifications: Food Skills BC Fundamentals Certificate, FoodSafe Level One, Market Safe, Serving it Right, SuperHost Foundations of Service Quality, SuperHost Service for All, Dealing with Difficult Customers, Alive After 5 Workplace Safety, WHO COVID 19 Prevention and Control, WHMIS, and “Be There” (Mental Health Awareness)!

How long is the program?

6 weeks – Virtual workshops and 20 hours of practicum experience
4 weeks – Follow Up

What is the expected time I would need to commit to?

Participants attend from 9am-3pm daily Monday to Friday with a one-hour lunch break. Practicum hours may vary depending on the needs of the participant and the host employer.

When can I start the program?

There are six cohorts each year. They typically start in:

  • April
  • June
  • August
  • October, and
  • December

We accept applications continuously.

Can I have a summary of the training?

  • Assessments: Personality, Employment Skills, and Career Exploration (values, interests, and abilities)
  • Skills for Success Workshops: Motivation, Attitude, Accountability, Presentation, Confidence, Stress Management, Reading, Writing, Communication, Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration, Time Management, Numeracy, Problem Solving, Adaptability, and Digital Skills
  • Job Search Workshops: Resume, Cover Letter, References, Interview Skills, Job Search Strategy, and Networking
  • Industry Recognized Certifications: Food Skills BC Certificate, FoodSafe Level One, Market Safe, Serving it Right, SuperHost Foundations of Service Quality, SuperHost Service for All, Dealing with Difficult Customers, Alive After 5 Workplace Safety, WHO COVID 19 Prevention and Control, WHMIS, and “Be There” (Mental Health Awareness)!
  • Industry Practicum: 20 hours of on-the-job experience in a practicum with a local employer in the Agriculture and Food sectors
  • Program Delivery: All workshops will be delivered virtually using the Zoom platform. Industry certifications are completed virtually. Practicums are completed locally and in person. Participants receive one-to-one coaching virtually or in person depending on their geographical location.

How are you paying me?

Food Skills BC funding is provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement.

What does "precariously employed" mean?

“Precariously Employed” means an individual who does not meet the definition of Unemployed, but who:

  1. is working in unstable or unsustainable Employment (including self-employment) as evidenced by:
    (A) irregular hours of work (such as casual labour or on-call work),
    (8) unreliable remuneration (such as piece-work or commission), or
    (C) earnings that cannot adequately support an individual or their family,
  2. is working, but has a total Employment (including self-employment) income that is below the market basket measures,
  3. is working in an industry or occupation that is likely to be replaced by technology or automation in the near future,
  4. is working in an occupation or profession that is clearly lower than their skills or qualifications and that provides no imminent prospect of advancement, or
  5. has Just Cause for leaving their current Employment.

What's in it for employers?

Food Skills BC is a comprehensive training program designed to empower young adults aged 16 to 29 with the essential skills for successful and sustainable employment. Our focus on occupational, short-duration, competency-based, skills for success, and soft skills training provides young adults with the tools necessary to advance their careers and achieve their full potential.

One of the highlights of our program is the 20-hour industry practicum, which provides participants with hands-on experience to actualize their skills training, enhancing their capacity and confidence. Alongside group-based training, our program focuses on connecting participants to entry-level positions in the Agriculture Food and Beverage Processing and Manufacturing sectors.

At Food Skills BC, we are committed to supporting our participants in achieving their career aspirations while also addressing the needs of our local communities. Through our training and industry practicum, young adults are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in their entry-level positions, providing employers with a skilled and competent workforce.

We take pride in our commitment to helping young adults achieve their full potential and look forward to continuing to provide them with the tools they need to thrive in their careers. Join us on this journey of empowerment and success.

Contact Information:



2570 Cyril Street, Abbotsford, British Columbia, V2S 2G2




Funding is provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement.