Manufacturing Youth Skills Training Program – MYST

(Serving Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack and surrounding communities)

This project has been completed and is no longer accepting applications.

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This program will be delivered in a hybrid (virtual and in-person) format for the entire 6-weeks.

Some days of this program may be facilitated virtually via zoom and require participants to connect digitally from home.

Earn a MCSC Certificate Of Completion

When you complete your 6-week virtual course, you will earn a certificate, which can help you boost your LinkedIn & Resume, and help you stand out.

Some other certificates you receive are: Occupational First Aid Level 1, WHMIS & much more.

What Will You Learn?


Soft, hard & essential skills


One-on-one development and follow-through of a training plan


Pre-employment counselling and coaching


Employment Readiness Scale, Personality Style Indicator, and more


Occupational First Aid Level 1, WHMIS, Intro to Food Processing Skills …and more!

Meet the Professionals!


Facilitator/Job Coach

Jenna-Mary acquired her Career Development Practitioner Certification from Douglas College and has attended the University of the Fraser Valley working towards her Bachelor Degree in Social Work. She’s also worked in Customer Service for over 10 years, including 5 years in the Beverage Industry, and 5 years in Management. Jenna’s true passion is people, helping, guiding and serving.
Her heritage lies in Newfoundland and she looks forward to getting back to the East Coast one day soon.


Program Assistant

Born and raised in BC, Rachelle is coming to us with over 20 years in the Customer Service Industry. She works as a Program Assistant for the MYST Program in Mission.

After making the decision to change careers Rachelle went back to school and completed the Applied Business Technology Program at UFV. She never wants to stop furthering her education and growing in her Industry.

Rachelle is really enjoying her time at Mission Community Skills Centre with assisting in the progress of individuals’ job growth and their new career paths.

Susan Smith

Operations Support / Administrative Assistant

Sue is originally from the United Kingdom but has been a resident of Mission for over 23 years. Sue completed her Career Development Practitioner Certification at University of the Fraser Valley in 2003 and has worked in the employment services field since 1999 assisting individuals with their job search and career planning.

“The heart of what I do is to inspire the youth to see their lives, future and themselves in a bigger way so that they want to take the steps and, sometimes, leaps towards where they dream of going. I want them to see that, they can impact their own reality and change their lives. One of my favorite quotes is by Emily Dickinson – Dwell in possibility.”

What's in it for you?

The MYST program is designed to provide YOU with specialized industry training that helps you FIND and KEEP work.

Did you know that right now employers in the manufacturing and food processing industries are looking for you? There is a huge shortage in British Columbia for skilled and unskilled workers.

Get PAID skills training and work connections for jobs in Manufacturing and Food Processing industries like:

  • Manufacturing, Construction, Restoration, Roofing, Sheet Metals
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Meat, Dairy & Baked Goods
  • Retail Stores & Big Box Stores
  • Craft Breweries, Vineyards, Cannabis Industries, Landscaping
  • Fast Foods & Coffee Shops

Who is Eligible for this Training?

Between the Ages of 17 & 29

Legally Entitled to Work in Canada

Committed to 6-Weeks of Training

Unemployed/ Precariously Employed

Not a full-time student

NOTE: EI Recipients ARE eligible


"My best takeaway from the program was definitely the connections. Before the program I didn't know who to go too with questions now I have Gerry, Karina, Rachelle and the rest of Mission Community Skills Centre."

Max Morello

"With a long gap in my employment I wasn’t sure what to do for an income. The Myst program gave the the skills and knowledge to get back into the workforce. I got to know myself really well, as well as fellow friends and classmates."

Sheridan Cruz

"My favorite part of the whole program was being able to use different assessments to get an idea what type of person I am in a workplace. Biggest takeaways are the resources and information that we have to find different jobs that we might be interested. I believe I accomplished being able to speak more confidently about what I am interested in and what I'm not interested in."


My favorite part of this program was being able to know that I now have secure connections for job finding and having more skills on building a propper resume and interview skills. The biggest takeaway from this program is how awesome Helena has been. SHe is very kind and easy to understand, and takes time to explain things perfectly.


"My goal was to get a job working with children after completing the MYST Program. There were hurdles along the way but it wasn't long after that I received a call and got a Job Developer job."


"When it came time to look for a job after the program was complete, I was able to get two interviews. The last interview I landed paid me $28 per hour. A few months later I was promoted. I was able to get to the place I am because of the direction and education I earned from the MYST Program.


My biggest takeaway is a newfound appreciation in my leadership qualities. I started this course with very little knowledge about how to effectively navigate interviews, I leave having gained many of the skills necessary for employment. The one day that we had Aaron facilitate we had a very in-depth explanation on the various personalities, and how to work past those differences. I didn’t have any up-to-date certification which didn’t help in gaining employment, however getting my WHMIS Certification, as well as the opportunity to get my Forklift Certificate will both be instrumental in future employment.

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Photos from one of our outings

How to Apply


Application Form

Please answer all of the following questions in the application form, and sign it digitally. Once you have done this you will receive a copy.

Follow-Up Email

We will follow up regarding your application via email within 72 hours, with a Employment Barriers Checklist.

Eligibility Check

Fill out the employment barriers checklist and return via email

Connect Virtually

Once you have completed all of the forms our facilitator will connect with you via email for a virtual interview

Welcome Aboard

If you have been chosen to participate in the program, you will be invited to complete some on-boarding/orientation documents

Build Connections. Develop Skills. Get Paid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Manufacturing Youth Skills Training Program?

The Manufacturing Youth Skills Training (MYST) program builds youth employment skills for entry-level positions within the Manufacturing and Food and Beverage Processing sectors.

What certificates are included?

Occupational First Aid Level 1, WHMIS, Intro to Food Processing Skills, Intro to Manufacturing, including understanding manufacturing processes, mobile equipment safety / identifying hazards at work, work orders and quality control, and speed and accuracy in manufacturing…and more!

How long is the program?

Participants will attend 6 weeks of group-based skills training 5 days per week for a total of 25 hours per week and will receive a training allowance of up to $250 per week. Participants will attend a 4 week paid work experience with a host employer paid as a wage subsidy to the employer to cover part of the participant’s wage and is intended to assist a participant to obtain and maintain a job while in training.

How are you paying me?

MYST is funded by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement.

Can I have a summary of the training?

  • Pre-employment Services and supports
  • One-on-one development and follow-through of a training plan
  • Pre-employment Counselling / Coaching
  • Assessments –Employment Readiness Scale, Personality Style Indicator, Values Preference Indicator, Stress Indicator and Health Planner, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode
  • Occupational First Aid Level 1, WHMIS, Intro to Food Processing Skills, Intro to Manufacturing, including understanding manufacturing processes, mobile equipment safety / identifying hazards at work, work orders and quality control, and speed and accuracy in manufacturing…and more!

Can I be in school while taking this program?

No, you cannot be in any schooling full-time while in this program.

Is it Full-Time?

Yes, from 9am-3pm daily Monday to Friday

Is it really PAID?

Yes, it is!

What is soft, hard and essential skills?

Soft Skills = Communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and more

Hard Skills = Resume, Cover Letter, References and more

Essential Skills = Certificates

When can I start?

  • August 16th
  • October 4th
  • December 6th

Contact Information:



#201-33123 1St Avenue, Mission, BC V2V 1G59