Small Scale Food Processor Association (SSFPA) Ag–Food Entrepreneur & Supervisor Training Program

(Serving all British Columbia Communities)

The newest edition to our employment program is a unique partnership with Small Scale Food Processor Association’s (SSFP) Ag–Food Entrepreneur & Supervisor Training Program.  As the first of its kind in Canada, this program has been very successful from the start.  The SSFP program response to a single ad placed in one online outlet within BC generated a wonderful response. Demand has resulted in a waitlist for our next cohort.  For information on our next cohort (Starting February 1, 2021), please contact us directly.

The SSFPA Ag-food Entrepreneur & Supervisor Training Program supports those interested in starting an ag-food business or advancing their skills in a supervisory role.  The Entrepreneurship program is designed to give participants insight, both professional and personal, and to introduce concepts, plans and systems necessary to grow an Ag-Food business idea. The Ag-food Supervisor program is designed to equip participants in effectively keeping employees on task, ensuring the safety and quality of their product is properly grown, sourced, harvested, processed and packaged and/or distributed.  Some of the certificates and training include: business/employment development, HACCP Plan, Good Manufacturing Practices, Food Processing and Food Safety, Traceability, Recall, Supply Chain Management, Financing and Financial Resources, Manufacturing Processes, Mobile Equipment Safety, Work Orders and Quality Control, Speed and Accuracy in Manufacturing, WHMIS, Personal Management and Employability skills and much, much more…

Participant Feedback

I have completed the above course and appreciate being selected as a candidate.

The course is useful in a few different ways. If you have intentions to set up a business, it provides the ground work and directions for it. It is very useful if your business plan veers towards food processing because the food processing course is detailed and thorough. And once you have a particular business idea, the how to of writing a business plan is taught and the format given is useful and simple to follow.

If you don't have plans to start a business, the work search training such as resume writing, interview skills and job search assistance would be valuable as well. The added bonus included is the free forklift training, very useful for the warehouse job market.

I would not hesitate to recommend the course to anyone interested. The only criteria is you need to have 6-7 weeks of free time to devote to it.

Gim AngSmall Scale Food Entrepreneurs Program Participant

I had the pleasure of recently participating in the SSFPA Agri-Food Entrepreneur and Supervisor Training Program and found it to be a great resource of knowledge and wisdom. I immensely enjoyed the wealth of information that the speakers had to share. I found it to be extremely relevant to my interests and direction and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Agri-Food sector to participate. I have already recommended it to some friends and associates and I hope that Small Scale Food Processors continues this program as I see it being very useful and relevant in today's economy and market. Thank you very much for having me.

Sam LeeSmall Scale Food Entrepreneurs Program Participant

I was a recent participant in the SSFPA Agri-Food Entrepreneur and Agri-Food Supervisor training program.

The core of the training was beneficial and gave me a overview was well as hands-on learning practises within the AG food industry.

The supports and resources that we were offered in this program could allow anyone to seek and to start up a small business in the food industry.

Organization, Awesomeness and quality of the Management from SSFPA was the best online course I have ever taken.

Thank you for believing in me.

Nadine ShawSmall Scale Food Entrepreneurs Program Participant

I was a recent participant in the SSFPA Agri-Food Entrepreneur and Agri-Food Supervisor training program and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It was a well structured course, numerous highly experienced presenters, content was relevant and very helpful. I have already recommended it highly to others.

M. Renée FulsomSmall Scale Food Entrepreneurs Program Participant

At first glance, the Small Scale Food Entrepreneur program seemed daunting, unachievable, and honestly, out of my league. After my initial application and speaking with Janet Evans, my feelings changed to excitement, opportunity, and gratitude for having been selected to participate.

The itinerary designed for the 6 weeks was jam packed with invaluable information, resources, support, encouragement, certificates, and best of all- friendships and connections that, I expect, will last a lifetime.

I would recommend this program to anyone wishing to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge base. The skills learned in this course extend much further than the food industry- they are fundamentals that will benefit you down any path you choose to travel. Instilling confidence, encouragement and acceptance every step of the way- the success of this program is most definitely attributed to the well suited coordinators.

Many thanks to Janet and Stephen Evans for this unforgettable experience, as well as all the guest speakers and instructors that devoted their knowledge and time; A perfect blend!

Amanda ShawSmall Scale Food Entrepreneurs Program Participant

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