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This mother/daughter duo started their business with one main goal: bringing that distinct Montreal style bagel to Mission.

The family has lived in Montreal since March 1987. In the 20+ years of East coast living, St-Viateur bagels were a staple in their home. They’d come back with two dozen bags of sesame bagels of which half of them would be eaten by the time they reached home.

Fast-forward twenty years, Fatemeh, her husband and youngest child moved to the beautiful west coast while the two eldest children stayed behind. After having settled in North Vancouver, the quest to find that identical Montreal style bagel only ended in disappointment. Soon after, Fatemeh and her husband decided to move out of the big city and into the beautify district of Mission, where she made bagels at home for herself and her family whenever they had a craving.

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Her daughter Mahshid joined her parents three years ago, leaving behind a life of computer programming in exchange for some new adventures. Little did both mother and daughter know, the idea of opening a bagel shop in Mission would soon blossom and grow into what it is today.

The name OhBagel came to them after the realization that they can do this, a sort of “oh!” moment. They had heard of all the people heading to Vancouver for their traditional bagels and so they thought “let’s do this! Let’s bring real, traditional bagels to the Fraser Valley.”

Finding the right spot was a long and hard decision. They were already making bagels at home, but they were limited in space and equipment. With the demand increasing, they had to quickly jump into action: they transformed the double-door garage into their commercial bakery with what is now known as the ever-famous little home-based bagel shop.

What sets their bagels apart from everyone else? The simple fact that they are traditionally made has given them a very unique style. Call them old-fashion if you must, but they thoroughly love sticking to what works, with the simplest of recipes and no preservatives. Each bagel is weighted, hand-rolled, and boiled, which is what gives it that quirky look and distinct flavour. Being dairy and egg free, it has allowed a wide range of people to enjoy these chewy bagels.

OhBagel is proud to be a part of our community, offering different bagel flavours, from regular size to minis. As a thank you for all the love and support Mission has given them, they have been providing free delivery to Missionites every week.

Because of COVID and people quarantining, OhBagel also carries other delicious options such as traditional loaves, bagel crackers and Everything Seasoning for bulk purchases.

Oh! Bagel

32719 6th Avenue
Website: ohbagel.ca
Online Store: ohbagel.ca/shop