Participant Documents

Complete and return these documents to make your participation official

Congratulations on being selected for the Express to Success Program!

There is one final step to make your participation in the program official. We need you to complete the following documents and submit them to us. These forms are required to attend the program in week one.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These forms will be easier to complete on a laptop or personal computer. If you are using a mobile phone or entry-level tablets/chromebooks you may not be able to download the package, unzip it, and complete the forms. You may need to ask a friend to use their computer or use a public computer at a Public Library or Work BC office if your device does not work for this activity. 

Read the instructions in the orange box below and click on it to download the form package.

Express to Success Program
Participant Forms

Included: Read Me First – Instructions, Participant Information Form, Confidentiality Agreement, Emergency Contact and Conduct, TD1BC, TD1, and the MCSCS Direct Deposit Form.

Step By Step Instructions: [1] Click on this box will download a .ZIP folder with 7 documents inside. [2] Save this download to an easy-to-find location. [3] Unzip the folder. [4] Complete each document and save it. [5] Open the completed document to make sure your information was saved. [6] Once all forms are completed, email them back to the program to the email provided in the instructions document. [7] Check back for an email from program staff that will confirm they received your documents. [8] If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, send us an email to confirm we received your documents.


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