Mission Story: Emma Gordon, the Owner of Coastal Macarons

Emma Gordon, the Owner of Coastal Macarons, is 18 years old and has started her own business in a small town called Campbell River on Vancouver Island.
About four years ago, Emma tried a macaron in Disneyland for the first time, and in her own words, it was “Heaven.” But, when she came home to Campbell River expecting to purchase macarons of the same quality as the ones in Disneyland, she was sadly disappointed. The texture and taste of the factory-made, frozen macarons were nowhere near the fresh ones from Disneyland! 
Over the years, Emma has tried to make her macarons once or twice a year, and although it was a disaster at first, eventually, she became pleased with her macarons. 
Forwarding into April, Emma became unemployed due to the Covid Pandemic, and the idea of starting her own business came into her mind. At first, Emma’s business idea was not macarons, but she realized that macarons were her passion after thinking. And fast forward to May, Emma was officially the owner of her brand new business “Coastal Macarons.”

Mission In Progress

Emma joined the Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs (EYE) Program in July 5, and with the help of the program, Emma was able to have her first pop-up in Campbell River.
Not only did Emma sell out in the first hour, but she was able to take her business to the next level. With the help of the EYE Programs Instructor, Aaron Davis and administration Jessica Dalton, Emma was able to execute her first pop-up with ease.
From decorations, designing a giveaway to the advertisement, the event was undoubtedly a success. 

Mission To Success

After using all the tools and resources that the Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs Program provides, Emma graduated from the program successfully! 

Mission To Victory

Flash forward to after graduation, Emma was able to triumphantly feature her macarons in a local gift shop in Campbell River called Hermosa Boutique. The store owner requested Emma to create signature flavours that are to will be sold in her shop. The owner also agreed to keep this arrangement well into the future. Emma is now looking at more potential shops to sell her delicious macarons. 
Not only has Emma able to sell her macarons in a shop, but with the help of the EYE Program, Emma was able to become certified in both Food Safe Level 1 and 2, which helped her secure a commercial kitchen to make her macarons. 

Mission Report

Emma Gordon, the owner of Coastal Macarons and a past participant in the Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs Program, is one of the many successful participants who graduated from our program.