Sponsored by Mission Community Skills Centre


When you walk into Art of Alchemy, you will be greeted by a smiling Cyprys Wales. Behind that smile is someone who has a passion for the beauty industry, lifelong learning, and caring
for others. Not only does she love doing hair but strives to be a positive role model and influence in her community. Cyprys grew up in Mission and enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her foster fail dogs.

She wants Art of Alchemy to be a leader in the community. Upon finishing school, she quickly knew her goal was to open an education-based salon. She is excited to be working alongside
Riverside College, offering workplace apprenticeships through their Cosmetology program. Often, these opportunities end in job placements for those students entering the work field.

She believes that excellent customer service is about honesty and educating clients. She is always willing to listen and wants her clients to have peace of mind when they are sitting in her
chair. Art of Alchemy is continually expanding their knowledge to provide clients with the newest products and services available.

She was fortunate enough to learn, gain experience, and grow her clientele under Shannon Porter at Casa del Sol. When it was time to branch out on her own, the support of family and friends
helped Cyprys set up Art and Alchemy at her current location. She believes it was the community’s welcoming support that allowed her to open a new business during the pandemic and still be here a year and a half later. To give back to her community, she has worked with numerous non-profits in Mission.

Cyprys and her team are excited to continue to grow and serve Mission in the years to come.