St. Joseph’s Food Bank is the “official registered” food bank for Mission, BC, and is a member of Food Bank BC and registered as a service provider by Food Banks Canada. St. Joseph’s Food Bank is supported by community members,
business and service organizations as well as the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver and the District of Mission. A dedicated team of caring volunteers drives the needed food bank service. It is our passion to help those in need that reflects the caring heart of Mission BC. The goal of St. Joseph’s Food Bank is to provide caring and needed service to our community.

A Year’s Snapshot 2020

In 2020, we distribute food to 350 registered individuals, who each receive monthly $350 in food supports. We also provide support to the following agencies by donating food for them to distribute including: Chehalis First Nation;
Leq’a’:Mel First Nations (Deroche); Mission Community Services (including Haven Hollow, Christmas Bureau Distribution Center, Rivendale Second Stage Housing, The Stage – which is now closed and combined with Haven Hollow); My House; Union Gospel Mission (street missions); Copper Hall; Glory House – Recovery House.

We also supply and deliver emergency Covid 19 hampers. As well as providing food every day for homeless street distribution. These deliveries are done by St Joseph’s Food Bank on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Zion Church on Wednesday and UGM on Tuesday and Friday. The food that is distributed daily to the homeless is supplied by Save-On-Foods as part of the no waste program. Excess perishable food is distributed daily to local farmers and used as animal feed.


  • In 1990 St. Joseph’s started food distribution to the Mission community.
  • In 1996 St. Joseph’s continued to grow and to meet the need, and soon had 6 volunteers to run the service.
  • In 2008 St. Joseph’s Food Bank became a member of the BC Food Bank Association and became the registered food bank for Mission. St. Joseph’s Food Bank is also a member of Food Banks Canada.
  • In 2008 the realities of growing community needs showed that St. Joseph’s Parish church basement was no longer a practical service site and that new space was needed.
  • In December 2009 the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver made space on their property available for the  construction of a new and needed dedicated food bank building to better serve the community.
  • October 31, 2015 – The New St. Joseph’s Food Bank Building opens up at 32550 7th Ave. in Mission on St. Joseph’s Parish Church property.
  • In April 2020 – Mission Food Bank Society was set up to support the efforts of St. Joseph’s Food Bank in its work to raise awareness and provide financial support for the operating cost of St. Joseph’s Food Bank

For more information on Emergency Hampers, Administration and Food Donations contact:

Sandra Cascaden
Food Bank Manager
778-536-FOOD or 778-536-3663 or St. Joseph’s Parish 604-425-0392 ext. 204