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Mission Statement

“The Mission Community Skills Centre Society is a community-based resource dedicated to helping people improve their employability through quality services and training as defined by our clients.”

Society Values

We are committed to promoting self-direction and self-reliance

We hold that people have a right to make their own decisions about what meets their needs. At the same time we believe that with that right comes responsibility. We encourage people to attain self-reliance by allowing them to experience the challenges and responsibilities for personal growth.

We must be a viable and self-reliant organization

We seize opportunities, take considered risks and monitor the outcomes in order to improve our own performance, productivity and self-sufficiency.

We believe that treating people with honesty and respect is critical to achieving our vision.

We are professionals who take pride in our work ethic. We are committed to modeling our Mission, Vision and Values every day.

Our clients are the reason we exist.

We are committed to delivering innovative programming that is client-centered.

We believe that people respond to encouragement

We acknowledge and recognize effort, accomplishments, and achievements.

We believe in collaboration and giving back to the communities in which we work.

Partnerships and alliances in our communities enable us to better meet the needs of our clients. We believe that through active participation, our communities are enhanced.

We believe that fun has a role in our work.

Humour is a catalyst for action, motivation, healing and growth and contributes to a healthy and productive learning environment.

We value diversity.

We honour the strength and diversity that people bring to create a positive learning environment.


Mission Community Skills Centre Society is currently hiring for the following positions.
(Updated June 18, 2020)

Interested applicants please submit cover letter and resume to:

Diana Dufour-Zand
Manager of Employment Programs and Human Resources
Email:  ddufour-zand@missioncsc.org

Facilitator – Small Scale Food Processing

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Experience & Capacity

The Society is known for its quality of service delivery, innovation, flexibility, labour market connection and sound financial management.

The Society is managed by a Board of Directors, Executive Director (ED) and supported by a staff of experienced professionals.

The Society’s core competency is the development, implementation, and delivery of programs and training that help individuals improve their employability skills to (re)enter the labour market. The Society strongly believes that when dealing with employability, a holistic approach is most successful.

Activities provide a bridge between employment, training, education, community involvement and social services. The Society’s program activities are supported by a comprehensive resource of employment, community and social service information and business contacts in the Fraser Valley.

Society Vision

We are a starting point for tomorrow’s leaders. We believe that years from now, the Mission Community Skills Centre Society will be recognized as the place that launched the careers of business and community leaders who continue to contribute to a vibrant society.

Our partnerships with business and organizations enable innovative and quality programming that responds to the needs of our clients and contributes to the economic and social health of our communities. 

We are committed to excellence in all of our activities and we pride ourselves on the reputation that we have attained in the academic, business and employment communities. Our standards of service and program quality are high and these standards are reflected in the positive outcome of our graduates and participants. A further reflection of that excellence is that our trainers and staff are recognized for their skills and abilities.

MCSC In The Community

Mission Skills Chair, Rob Waycott, donates a cheque for $ 5000 to The Mission Food Bank.

Mission Skills Chair, Rob Waycott, donates a cheque for $ 1000 to Mission Literacy in Motion (Nicole Kokoska, Literacy Outreach Coordinator) for their Literacy Program in Deroche. The donation includes a computer lab to help senior learners gain access to essential computer skills.


Mission Community Skills Centre Board & Staff Sponsor theMission Hospice Society “Ride for Hospice” Fundraiser.

August 12, 2020

MCSC Donates $5000 to Mission Food Bank

July 12, 2020

Mission Spotlight: Meet Austan & Kyle Tait of Studio FITRx!

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