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General Information & Introduction

Mission Community Skills Centre Society is a non-profit society, registered in the Province of British Columbia, directed by a group of dedicated citizens interested in stimulating the local labour market and encouraging positive business growth within the region.

These volunteers – and the staff employed by the society – share much experience and expertise. Together, they represent the commitment of a genuinely caring community.

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Our Values

We are committed to promoting self-direction and self-reliance
We hold that people have a right to make their own decisions about what meets their needs. At the same time we believe that with that right comes responsibility.

We encourage people to attain self-reliance by allowing them to experience the challenges and responsibilities for personal growth.

We must be a viable and self-reliant organization
We seize opportunities, take considered risks and monitor the outcomes in order to improve our own performance, productivity and self-sufficiency.

We believe that treating people with honesty and respect is critical to achieving our vision
We are professionals who take pride in our work ethic. We are committed to modeling our Mission, Vision and Values every day.

Our clients are the reason we exist
We are committed to delivering innovative programming that is client-centered.

We believe that people respond to encouragement
We acknowledge and recognize effort, accomplishments, and achievements.

We believe in collaboration and giving back to the communities in which we work
Partnerships and alliances in our communities enable us to better meet the needs of our clients. We believe that through active participation, our communities are enhanced.

We believe that fun has a role in our work
Humour is a catalyst for action, motivation, healing and growth that contributes to a healthy and productive learning environment.

Our Partners

These partners include Government of Canada through Service Canada; the Province of British Columbia through both the Ministry of Jobs Tourism and Skills Training and the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation; Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce; Mission Downtown Business Association; the District of Mission’s Economic Development Committee and many others.

Our Vision

The vision of Mission Community Skills Centre Society, as formally defined within our by-laws states:

“We are a starting point for tomorrow’s leaders. We believe that years from now, the Mission Community Skills Centre Society will be recognized as the place that launched the careers of business and community leaders who continue to contribute to a vibrant society.”

Our Board

Mission Community Skills Centre Society is incorporated as a non-profit society, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors formed by local people involved in economic and social development issues. The Board of Directors is a policy board, which follows a modified Carver model of policy governance.

From time to time “ad hoc” committees are established for short-term projects. Strategy sessions and information-gathering meetings are held annually to assist staff and the board to determine our direction and develop our community vision and mission.

Management and Operations

We operate with an Executive Director, two Managers and a staff of more than 20 people.  Staff are located in various offices located throughout the Fraser Valley.

Our Services

We currently provide employment development programs including Express to Success, Manufacturing Youth Skills Training Program, and Small Scale Food Processor Association (SSFPA) Ag–Food Entrepreneur & Supervisor Training Program in Mission and Langley.

Express to Success:
The Express to Success program is designed for youth between the ages of 15 and 30 to develop the skills, training and work connections for jobs in the $100 Billion a year Agri-Food & Beverage industries. This six-week training program pays young adults British Columbia’s current minimum wage per hour and workshops include: Employment Readiness, Job Coaching, Job Search, Self-Awareness, Career Exploration and Personal Assessments. This program is funded by the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment and Skills Strategy.

Manufacturing Youth Skills Training Program – MYST:
The Manufacturing Youth Skills Training (MYST) program builds youth employment skills for entry-level positions within the Manufacturing and Food and Beverage Processing sectors. Participants will attend 6 weeks of group-based skills training 5 days per week for a total of 25 hours per week and will receive a training allowance of up to $250 per week. Participants will attend a 4 week paid work experience with a host employer paid as a wage subsidy to the employer to cover part of the participant’s wage and is intended to assist a participant to obtain and maintain a job while in training. MYST is funded by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement.

Small Scale Food Processor Association (SSFPA) Ag–Food Entrepreneur & Supervisor Training Program:
The SSFPA Ag-food Entrepreneur & Supervisor Training Program supports those interested in starting an ag-food business or advancing their skills in a supervisory role. The Entrepreneurship program is designed to give participants insight, both professional and personal, and to introduce concepts, plans and systems necessary to grow an Ag-Food business idea. The Ag-food Supervisor program is designed to equip participants in effectively keeping employees on task, ensuring safety and quality of their product is properly grown, sourced, harvested, processed and packaged and/or distributed. Some of the certificates and training include: business/employment development, HACCP Plan, Good Manufacturing Practices, Food Processing and Food Safety, Traceability, Recall, Supply Chain Management, Financing and Financial Resources, Manufacturing Processes, Mobile Equipment Safety, Work Orders and Quality Control, Speed and Accuracy in Manufacturing, First Aid Level 1, WHMIS, Forklift Certification, Personal Management and Employability skills and more. This program is a partnership with the Small Scale Food Processor Association.

Our Directors

Directors receive no remuneration or honorarium.

Length of term
Directors and Officers are elected for one year term, with no maximum term limit. Executive positions within the board include President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Each position is appointed on an annual basis.

Time commitment
Regular monthly Board meetings usually last approximately one hour. Directors are expected to spend whatever time they need reading information distributed prior to the meeting to ensure they are prepared and informed. Board meetings are normally on the third Wednesday of each month, although there are no meetings in July or December. The Annual General Meeting is in June of each year and each winter (usually in February or March) the Annual Strategic Planning session occurs in addition to the normal monthly meeting.

All Directors are encouraged to participate in annual organizational development workshops or strategic planning sessions where their interest and experience is valued in supporting the development of new goals and the annual strategic plans/initiatives.

Directors are also encouraged to be involved with local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development societies and other business events related to Mission Community Skills Centre Society’s endeavours.

Information sharing and knowledge is a two-way street. In one direction, Directors are encouraged to act as advocates for the Mission Community Skills Centre Society programs and initiatives while attending other community meetings; and in the other they are able to deliver community input to the Mission Community Skills Centre Society Board and committees through knowledge gained while participating in other community organizations.

Confidentiality and conflicts of interest
Directors will be required to sign an ‘Agreement of Confidentiality’ which covers confidentiality and conflict of interest issues related to business activities, financials and other corporate activities.


Persons qualified to be directors (Please read)

Persons qualified to be directors

(From Section 44 of the BC Societies Act)


(1)A person is qualified to be a director of a society only if the person is an individual who is at least 18 years of age.

(2)Despite subsection (1), an individual who is 16 or 17 years of age is qualified to be a director of a society if provided for in the regulations.

(3)Despite subsections (1) and (2), an individual is not qualified to be a director of a society if the individual is

  • (a)found by any court, in Canada or elsewhere, to be incapable of managing the individual’s own affairs, unless a court, in Canada or elsewhere, subsequently finds otherwise,
  • (b)an undischarged bankrupt, or
  • (c)convicted in or out of British Columbia of an offence in connection with the promotion, formation or management of a corporation or unincorporated entity, or of an offence involving fraud, unless
    • (i)the court orders otherwise,
    • (ii)5 years have elapsed since the last to occur of
      • (A)the expiration of the period set for suspension of the passing of sentence without a sentence having been passed
      • (B)the imposition of a fine,
      • (C)the conclusion of the term of any imprisonment, and
      • (D)the conclusion of the term of any probation imposed, or
    • (iii)a pardon was granted or issued, or a record suspension was ordered, under the Criminal Records Act (Canada) and the pardon or record suspension, as the case may be, has not been revoked or ceased to have effect.
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