Youth Employment Program Eligibility Application Draft

To apply to our program, please complete and submit the form below. One of our staff will connect with you by email within 72 hours to talk about the program and how you can join it. Please monitor your spam/junk folders in case our email gets automatically misfiled by filters.

Youth Employment Program Application DRAFT

You must be between 15 and 30 years old to qualify for our programs. If you are unable to enter your birthdate, you are not eligible to participate.

I am a legally entitled to work in Canada as a:
Protected persons as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and those holding Visas are not currently eligible for any of our programs. Please check back again.
Are you currently attending school?
Part-time means you are enrolled in two classes or less.
I am unemployed
Unemployed means you are available for work but do not have work and includes those: who are on temporary layoff with an expectation of recall, who have actively looked for work in the past four weeks or, who have a new job to start within four weeks.
If employed, I am working less than 30 hours a week, on average.
If you are working, do not quit your job as this may affect your eligibility for the program.
Are you receiving Employment Insurance?
NOTE: If you have worked and may have enough hours to qualify, you will need to apply. You are to contact Service Canada and disclose your intended purpose to participate in our program including providing Service Canada with the length of the training. It is up to you to manage your relationship with Service Canada and any impact your participation in the program may have on your active claim.
I am on Income Assistance
Income assistance also includes PWD.
I am Indigenous
Are you Registered on-reserve, Registered off-reserve, Non-Status, Metis, or Inuit?
I am a newcomer to Canada
A person who has moved from their country of origin (their homeland) to another country to become a citizen of that country and has been in that country for less than 5 years.
I am a member of a visible minority
The Employment Equity Act defines visible minorities as "persons, other than Aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour.
I have a disability
Disabilities can be mental or physical. Some disabilities are diagnosed while others are not.