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Mission, BC

When T came to the program she stated that she suffered from amnesia in 2014 and this affected her ability to understand vocabulary and use of language. She was looking forward to learning more about herself and appeared as easy going and willing to try new things. She started applying to jobs early in the program and was hired in fourth week in. She wrote: This program provided the skills needed to enter the working world confidently. It has taught me how to take on interviews as well as how to communicate with all personality types. This program is certainly a program I would recommend to any individual. I believe it is totally beneficial to those seeking short term - long term careers. As well as seeking knowledge of all sorts. There is so much more in this program that is incredible to learn and grow from. Within Express to Success I successfully landed in a management position which is exactly what I was hoping for and working towards.

T.H.Express to Success Participant

Before I stated this program I was insecure, I had little knowledge of power verbs and work lingo, my resume was overly detailed, and I didn’t research the jobs I was interested in. I’m grateful to have been shown accomplishment statements and their importance. My Favourite part of this program is they don’t just get your resume and certificates done then ship you out into the working world. They help you be more self-aware and to be mindful of others, they help you grow as a person. As someone who is very self-aware I have to say they do phenomenal jobs at helping you see who you are underneath the surface and why. As a result of everything above and so much more I have obtained a job as a service team member at Time Horton’s, the one and only job and location I wanted. They also pushed me not only to prepare for job search but also to look into my future and finish my Dogwood. I was also encouraged to pursue collage/university courses for my dream job as a substance abuse worker. I would recommend Express to Success to anyone.

T.S.Express to Success Participant

I started this program to help refine my career options and find out who I want to be in the future and what I want to do. Some of the barriers I have in getting into the workforce was my availability and the fact that I don't have a driver's license. Through many tests and exams we took, including a personal style indicator and a personal value indicator, I was able to learn about myself. I realized some of my values and personality traits are transferable into looking for the right job. With all this information I was able to look for a job that suited my personality and was also inspired to go back to school and hopefully accomplish some hopes and dreams of mine in the future. I was hired as a host at the Big Feast Bistro, in their soon to open restaurant in Abbotsford. I am excited to start training under a company who shares the value of healthy living and eating and strives to help others in their journeys in healthier lifestyles. This program helped me not only to find what I want to do but also provided information about how to get a job in that industry and how to keep it.

S.D.Express to Success Participant

I started my journey at Express to Success because I had just graduated and needed a push to help get me into the work force. Before Express to Success I lacked the confidence to identify my skills and had no idea what I could bring to the work force or how to promote myself to an employer. However, through this program I have learned how to write a killer resume and cover letter and now have the skills to nail any job interview. This program has been a very valuable experience and through it I am now hired as a server at Big Feast bistro. I would recommend Express to Success to anyone looking to improve their confidence or expand their job tools.

E.H.Express to Success Participant

Langley, BC

Sid came into the program shy, uneasy about participating in a group environment, and had very little knowledge of where his skills could lead him. As Sid went through the weeks, he became more self-aware, he would talk to the Job Developer about his interest in certain types of work identified in the second week in that he was interested in working in a liquor store environment. After researching the different local stores, he found the best fit would be the BC Liquor Store, as it had the most opportunity to move up, gain hours and offered positions starting at a higher wage with better benefits; all this helped build his focus and confidence. Sid applied online as suggested and followed up with a visit to the location to talk directly to the Manager. Some days later, to his surprise, he received an invitation to interview with the store. From there, Sid was told there would be a criminal record check done (through the employer) and if that was clear, he would be offered the position. A week later Sid received the call and was offered a part-time position with the option to be called in for extra shifts. Sid accepted the position and is already looking forward to moving up within the organization. At the end of this journey to employment Sid disclosed that he had not only felt unable to look for work when he began the program, but that he had no direction or employment goals in mind, he attributed his success and increased sense of self confidence and pride in his new job to the his learning, assessments/ self-reflection and the support of the program/staff.
So thank you!


We observed Terry struggling to be able to keep on track, on task and communicate clearly. Often he would begin a story, within moments, he would be lost from the original intent and we witnessed him quickly lose the thread of the conversation, question or story. Although friendly and punctual, respectful of others and open, we saw how one-on-one, on the phone or in group settings, his inability to ‘get to the point’ was an obstacle he would have to overcome. Gentle reminders to stay focused or coaxing him stay with the conversation thread, questions to refocus him were employed to assist Terry. When it came time to practice interview techniques the Job Developer sat with him to discuss how easily oversharing and going off-topic can derail an interview. He listened and asked questions, participated in role-playing and within days, was observed talking to people in the group and reminding himself quote: “Oh, you don’t need to know that” or “I need to keep it short”. Within the span of six weeks we watched his self-awareness and dedication to self-improvement make considerable progress; communicating more clearly and staying on-topic more often. Terry has since successfully secured a work experience and a wage subsidy and moved on to be promoted and is a Supervisor.
So thank you!


Cindy started with the session already in progress but assured the staff she would be able to catch up. She shared that she was home schooled and learned at her own pace. She didn’t want to fall behind but felt she would need extra help to keep up. She was meticulous in her learning and needed to understand all lessons fully. Cindy stayed late and worked at keeping up with the group. As the weeks of learning went on, she began to meld with the group and found she was more comfortable than she thought she would be with the group environment. At first she wanted to do security but the certification would need to be completed by reading and self-study. She stated that was not how she was able to learn. She stated she learns best in a classroom environment. Her next choice was to work with children and again it was not a fit for her to do training at the moment. Cindy was talking to friends and found a position cleaning and detailing vehicles (cleaning is something she liked to do). The employer offered her a job and before anyone else in the class was employed, she proudly stated, “I have a job starting July 29!” This was a person who fell behind in the learning but succeeded ahead of the rest of the class.
So thank you!


John began the program by disclosing that he was recovering from alcohol and drug abuse and stating that he believed that taking the program would help him develop the employment skills and the certificates he needed. Without the tools (resume or cover letter) in place, or a direction to move towards employment, John was starting at ground zero for career decision making. It was through the action planning, goal setting and assessments that John realized that while he had goals and could develop a vision for his future, he wasn’t yet in place where he could work towards those goals honestly. John realized that while he had tried to stay clean and sober, he was failing to do so and was relapsing into addiction. John met with the Facilitator to disclose that he had come to this realization that he had to ask for help, and was waiting to hear back regarding entering a 12 week rehabilitation program for youth addictions in Vancouver (the Rehab Centre is a voluntary, ten-week, live-in, treatment program for youth, ages 13-18 years old, seeking freedom from problematic substance use and is operated by not-for-profit funded by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority). He was accepted into the program.
So thank you!


Abby moved to Canada six months ago from Mexico where she got her university degree in engineering; she stated that she was not able to get a job here in BC in her field and was working part-time in a local coffee shop and that it was not supporting her basic needs. The Facilitator observer Abby to be discouraged and was lacking confidence in her abilities. Abby stated maybe her challenge in finding work was due to her English language ability and that she has anxiety related to her English when she goes for interviews. Throughout the program Abby did not miss any workshops, was punctual and showed great skill in facing her challenges with the English language, reading out loud and practicing in conversation with her team. Abby stated that she very thankful for the program’s assessments (getting to know herself), assistance in building a strong, targeted resume, and that she happy with and interview skills and practice that helped build her confidence. The Facilitator observed a great change in Abby and her confidence in her job searching; finding and applying to several jobs she was interested in and following up on her applications. Abby aced her first interview and was offered a full-time Job starting September 23rd with a private company in Quality Control. Abby is very excited because she gets to use her education and experience on the job!
So thank you!


After several attempts at seeking positions in a niche market as a Baker, Rick was becoming disheartened, finding it difficult to keep optimistic about her career choice while also attempting to find an employer that matched her goals. Rick came in regularly to discuss her options, to gain perspective and target her job search. In the end, her persistence and purpose to find the right fit for her led her to success.
So thank you!


Mark came to us with a serious health set-back/as well as previous back injury sustained at work. This left Mark with limited mobility, stand-ability and the capacity to lift; effectively ensuring he can no longer do the work in the career he was pursuing. Not only did this leave Mark with physical limitations, but mental stress and hardship. He struggled not knowing where to look for work next or what his capability was now moving forward. In working with Mark we researched several part-time positions and the physical work required for each, searching for a company he could grow with while understanding his physical limitations. Mark was able to secure work at Canada Post in their sorting facility on a part-time basis that fit his needs. Mark was extremely happy to find a new fit and outlook.
So thank you!


Graham has been struggling with his involvement with the justice system and has had a heavy round of lawyer’s appointments and court dates. While distracted and concerned with his mounting responsibilities, Graham has continued to be dedicated to the program. Communicating his appointments, arranging dates around his training or certificates and completing any missed work at home. Graham is at the center over an hour early every day to continue his work, discuss what he missed and keep the program staff informed on any changes etc. More importantly perhaps than that, Graham has been open to criticism and has shown a growing self- awareness. Graham is excited to have received a call for not one, but two interviews, with different companies for his work experience.
So thank you!


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