Succeeding at Work Langley

Succeeding at Work Langley – Employability and essential skills for jobs in the agri-food and beverage manufacturing industry – 7 weeks classroom training plus 3 weeks work experience

For the Participant – Succeeding at Work program has been designed to help unemployed people secure sustainable employment by upgrading their skill set and providing work experience.

You will become certified in: Technical Food Safety Skills, Digital Technology, WHMIS, Quality Assurance, Food Handling and specific electives that are deemed suitable as an identified career choice. The program also includes workplace essential skills such as oral communication, stress management, document use and working with others.

For the Employer – The program is designed to benefit the Employer as well. The SAW program is about recruitment and retention. Participants will become specifically trained workers creating a new pool of skilled employees for the Agri-Food and Beverage manufacturing industry. This will allow Employers to save on advertising, training and onboarding costs.

The training is valued at $25,000 per person

Eligibility – Legally entitled to work in Canada

To apply:


Community Skills Centre Langley                                                                       Food Processing Skills Canada

#103 – 5844 Glover Road                                                                                    # 201 – 3030 Conroy Road

Langley, BC V3A 4H9                                                                                            Ottawa, Ontario, K1G

604-427-1991                                                                                                          877-963-7472