Training For Success Mission

This eight (8) week program assists unemployed individuals to find and sustain employment through skills development, training, short-term industry certified training and connection to employers. The program consists of six (6) weeks of group and individual-based workshops. Weeks 7 and 8 include short-term certificate training, and additional computer training. Further industry-specific training or on-the-job training with an employer may be available. At the completion of this program, you will have increased skills and confidence to find employment.

To be eligible for the program, you should be:
• 16 years of age and older and not a full-time student
• Unemployed, not in receipt of or eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits
• Not EI reach back for the last 3 years/ Not on parental benefits in last 5 years
• Legally entitled to work in Canada
• Be ready and committed to 8 weeks of training and to connect to work

Participants will receive:
• Employment-based instruction, which is informative, interactive, supported and fun
• Career planning and job search skills
• One-on-one coaching, mentoring and employment counselling
• Computer Skills upgrading
• Connections to available jobs
• Certification or specialized technical training specific to your chosen industry
• Return-to-Work Action Plan
• Job placement and Post-job placement supports
• Industry certificates included in the program include: WHMIS, Occupational First Aid, Super Host, Serving it Right, and Food Safe

Read what other Participants have said about the Training for Succe$$ Program:

“Training for Success program has helped me in so many ways, I learned lots about myself with assessments. I feel more confident with marketing myself and after doing informational interviews, completing Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence, Marketing Me, Interview skills and many other workshops. I feel that my interview skills have improved a lot, and it’s given me more confidence, it has definitely strengthened my job searching skills”.

“Self-evaluations assessments were very helpful in understanding of my interests, values, abilities and job possibilities. They will be helpful in relating to others at a workplace as I will understand where others are coming from and how to communicate in ways that would be more effective. Being able to recognise my soft skills and transferable skills are an asset to my self-confidence and employability”.

For more information on the Training for Succe$$ Program call: 778.982.0626
Or visit us at: #201 – 33123 1st Ave., Mission (with access off James Street)

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