Manufacturing Youth Skills Training program (MYST)

2019 04 15 MYST Program

The Manufacturing Youth Skills Training (MYST) program builds youth employment skills for entry-level positions within the Manufacturing and Food / Beverage Processing sector.

Participants will attend 6 weeks of group-based skills training 5 days per week for a total of 25 hours per week (including Stat holidays) and will receive a training allowance of up to $250 per week. Participants will attend a 4 week paid work experience with a host employer paid as a wage subsidy to the employer to cover part of the participant’s wage and is intended to assist a participant obtain and maintain a job while in training.

MYST Participants explore work experience opportunities in the Manufacturing Industry, including the Food and Beverage Processing sector. Staff support each participant as they prepare a list of employers based on interests, skills, values, geographic location, and training plan. With help from the Job Developer, participants submit customized application packages to the employer of their choice. Mission Community Skills Centre Society tries to negotiate a third party agreement with the employer prior to participants beginning their work experience placements.

Throughout the work experience/wage subsidy placement, the Job Developer monitors participants through regular site visits and on-going communication with the employers and participants. The Job Developer works with each participant based on their skills, capacity, and experience to ensure success. The Job Developer provides individual coaching and mentorship to foster skill development and address and help overcome barriers to employment. Our Employment Counsellors support the participants to develop a training / career plan to either transition to sustainable employment or return to school.

Participants receive the following services:

 Pre-employment Services and Supports

o one-on-one development and follow-through of a training plan

 Pre-employment Counselling / Coaching

o Assessments – intake, Employment Readiness Scale, Personality Style Indicator, Values Preference Indicator, Stress Indicator and Health Planner, Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument

The BC Alliance of Manufacturers provides two days of specific instruction including understating manufacturing processes, mobile equipment safety / identifying hazards at work, work orders and quality control, and speed and accuracy in manufacturing.

Another Training Partner on this project is Food Processing Skills Canada – FPSC (previously Food Processing Human Resources Council).

For more information call: 604-852-6120 – MYST Abbotsford


Funding provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Agreement