Express to Success Langley – Agri-Food & Beverage Processing

One of newest and most innovative Programs to date is the new Express to Success, Agri-Food and Beverage Processing Employment Program. This program prepares clients seeking employment with skillsets and training in the Agriculture based environment allowing opportunities for employment in all areas of Food and Beverage Processing and even manufacturing support.

Beyond the intensive 6 weeks of training our clients receive, we are able to offer a wage subsidy that is substantial for the first 8 weeks of employment with you. This will reduce both training time and costs of employee start up for you. Mission Community Skills Centre Society delivers this employment program which is funded by the Government of Canada and our Society

The objective of this Program is to:

Listed below is a summary of our extensive training program we provide for our clients:

In addition, as you hire our candidates, and spend time bringing them to the level your firm expects, then in recognition your contribution to the training, your organization would be eligible to participate in a wage subsidy reimbursement that covers the first $13.85 per hour. This is well beyond traditional wage subsidies from the Government that only included up to 50% of the salary. Finally, Paperwork for wage subsidy is minimal.

If you would like additional information, please contact us at the contact info below:

Job Coach / Facilitator – Express to Succe$$ Program
#103 – 5844 Glover Road, Langley, B.C.V3A 4H9
Phone: 604-427-1991