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Job Search Services:


This innovative and successful job search program includes a choice of more than 20 fact-filled job search topics delivered in a one-to-one format with a professional employment advisor for those who prefer the coaching atmosphere.

The topics are tailored to what YOU need for getting back to work quickly. The schedule is quite flexible to meet your personal timeframes. Take a minute to browse through the description of each topic.Click here for a detailed Work Zone brochure.

These employment assistance services are suitable for job ready persons, whether you are: a professional, new to the workforce, new to Canada, an experienced worker or underemployed.

Ways in which we can help you...
~ Develop job search documents that produce results: resumé, cover letter, portfolio
~ Build confidence for interviews
~ Learn how to target the jobs that you want
~ Improve communication skills to increase your chance of job success
~ Feel confident with internet and technology to use in job search
~ Learn professional job search strategies to guarantee on-going career success

Work Zone services are FREE to all persons who have a referral from a Case Manager.

Click here for contact information or call the Work Zone
through our head office at:: 604-826-0626

Work with Employment specialists
in a resource-filled environment that is dedicated to
getting you back to work FAST.
By increasing one's knowledge,
life's opportunities


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